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Biomass to Hydrogen
The H2-Patent Concept
The world wide energy supply on a fossil and atomic basis is now in an economical, ecological and political crisis: the end of the fossil energy is foreseeable, as is an increase in price and in dependence on imports from abroad. What is needed in this situation is an alternative source of energy and a convincing concept that meets at least three minimum requirements:
• CO2 Neutrality,
• Sustainability and Availability
• Affordability.
This can be achieved by implementing a green hydrogen economy in which hydrogen is produced from biomass by thermo chemical gasification, according to the simple recipe:
The Recipe: Biomass + H2O -> H2 + CO2
The H2-Patent GmbH follows a simple recipe: take any biomass, heat it (in the absence of air) for some seconds to 850°C and hydrogen is formed. Although the carbon contained in the biomass is liberated as CO2, the process of gasification is nevertheless CO2 neutral because the amount of carbon dioxide produced equals the quantity originally detracted form the air. High pure carbon dioxide is in itself a resource, particularly for the chemical industry.
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A short overview of our concpets and ideas are outlined in the talks held at the Hannover Trade Fair 2009 by Dr. Wolfgang Wendel and Karl-Heinz Tetzlaff:

W. Wendel: Biomass based Hydrogen Economy (PDF)

K.-H. Tetzlaff: Hydrogen Generation (PDF)
We license political and economical autonomy!
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